I am truly appreciative for the opportunity to create this story, inspired by actual missions of the 8th Air Force in World War II. The research portion taught me a lot about the war I did not know, and opened my eyes to the truth behind what actually happened between the United States, Great Britain and the Soviet Union in the run-up to the Cold War.

I must give thanks to the folks who operate the web site, a source of mission information for my father’s unit, with a wealth of insight into mission protocol, crew loading, and other details that were helpful to the creation of this book. Please support this web site and consider joining the 392nd Bomb Group Association.

I appreciate the insight and input from members of the Facebook site “B24 Liberator Fans” for their expertise and feedback and to my son Steve, for reading, advising and offering suggestions for improvements.


Ukraine gained independence in 1991 and is rightfully and respectfully known today simply as Ukraine although it was commonly referred to as “the Ukraine” during the time of this story. Even though it is slightly out of context to the era, in deference to sensitivities surrounding the former use of the name, I have elected to use the modern version in this story.

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