My father, Henry T. Holmes, Jr. was a B-24 pilot with the 392nd Bomb Group, 577th Squadron, the unit featured in this book. His missions served as the inspiration for this story and the mission log entries are from his log book with minor tweaks. The content of the missions and events portrayed however are fictional.

I am and always have been in awe of the bravery and skill demonstrated by such young pilots and crew members, thrust into a horrific war, doing things that may have seemed improbable if not impossible, but doing them anyway.

My dad died at an early age, just fifty-eight years old and I truly believe the war shortened his life significantly. How could it not? The fact that he died peacefully in his sleep was a blessing that he truly earned. A few of his traits and experiences plus actual historical events are meshed into this story but overall, it is a fabrication of my imagination.

To my dad and all those who served and fought in the terrible conflict known as the Second World War, I salute you reverently, with deep appreciation for what you accomplished and the sacrifices you made.

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